Second Annual Meeting Minutes – March 9, 2016


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tifft Nature Preserve – 1200 Fuhrmann Boulevard, Buffalo NY 14203 (716) 825-6397



President Kristin Pochopin called the meeting to order at 6:15pm.

  • Committee Reports

Arbor Day – Arbor Day posters are being printed. We are hoping to have them in time for Arbor Day.   Steve Sypniewski thanked PLANT WNY for the donation of a tree to be planted at Buffalo State College’s Arbor Day. PLANT WNY will also have a table to hand out posters.

Botanical Gardens – The Bflo & EC Botanical Gardens have applied for a grant and are competing against other non-for-profits and culturals. Currently working on beneficial insects and their spring show.

CNLP Program – Kristin Pochopin asked for assistance with the CNLP program. Kristin is currently chair but like to divide it up into manageable component’s would give anyone interested more information. The CNLP’s had a toured Zittel’s greenhouses recently and a tour today at Tifft Nature Preserve.   A pruning class is coming up in April and a tour of Joan Mariea’s gardens in August.

Ed Day – We had another successful CNLP/Trade Show & Education Conference. The Foundation subsidized Ed Day to about $10,000. The silent auction and 50/50’s help to keep the Foundation’s funds going. The silent auction at Ed Day raised over $1,000.

Golf Outing – The tentative date of the outing is Monday, September 12 at the Buffalo Tournament Club.

Historian – Dave McIntyre announced that Hank Van Woestyne passed away. He was president in 1983 and Man of the Year in 1989. Watch your emails for more information on funeral arrangements.

Landscape Awards – Dave McIntyre and Phil Colarusso will be making an effort at Plantasia to speak with all member landscapers about the program.   Categories will be reviewed and the dollar amounts will be removed from the framed award.

Leaf A Legacy – This new committee. The concept if for PLANT WNY to provide plant material and assistance for an approved public, not-for-profit site. The committee is hoping to obtain plant material from Plantasia to plant at The Lodge – a community building, which adjourns a park. The Valley Community Center owns this building – it is a new building and will be opened in May.

Plantasia – Chris Zeisz gave details of the Backyard Makeover Contest – a $16,000 contest – $16,000 Plantasia dollars that they can spend with a member who is also in Plantasia. The show has been sold out for weeks now. Details of set-up were discussed.

Social Media – Susan-Marie Fonzi announced that Nursery Lines is on-line – please take the time to read it.

State Reps – Phil Colarusso informed the membership about the Long Island nitrogen plan and stated “Whatever happens in Long Island will most likely come our way.” A membership survey from NYSNLA is forthcoming so watch for it. State Beatification Awards program is now open. We have a membership drive going on – make a referral and get a $50 rebate. August 24 will be the State dinner and Leadership Forum in Syracuse.

New Business

The proposed 2016 budget was presented to the membership. It has taken longer than normal to prepare as our income and expenses have changed considerably since the Foundation will not be funding most of our events. Kristin

Kristin Pochopin presented the following items for consideration by the membership.

–          Arbor Day at the Zoo – The Zoo needs help with tree donations and plantings at the Zoo. Please contact Steve Mead for further information.

–          Channel 7 – Advertising opportunity – Home improvement advice from local experts. $8,000 investment. They are open to companies – can split it.

–          Erie County Fair – We have been offered booth space in the Grange Building.   It would need to be manned. Please see the Executive Board for further information or if you are interested.

–          Reminder – the Advertising Co-op (member benefit) with Buffalo Spree, and Upstate Gardeners’ Journal continues.


Kristin Pochopin asked for a motion to accept the minutes of Thursday, February 4. Bob Smith motioned to accept the minutes and Dave McIntyre second the motion. All were in favor.

Roger Restorff motioned to adjourn the meeting and it was second by Mike Frank. All were in favor. Meeting was adjourned at 7:05pm.