Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Murray Brother’s Hosta Farm – 1200 Jewett Holmwood Rd., Orchard Park, 14127

7:20 meeting called to order by Tara Perrin, president.

Committee Reports

Arbor Day – The PLANT WNY Executive Board is considering combining the leaf a legacy program with Arbor Day. An idea is to have an Arbor Day contest and involve middle schools with a contest. Schools can submit one drawing in honor of Arbor Day with the chance to have a tree planted for Arbor Day. (north, south and city was suggested.) Ed Dore suggested having more than one tree – 1st prize is 10 trees; 2nd prize is 5 trees and 3rd place is 1 tree. Question was raised whether a tree can be planted on private school grounds or public – answer is that organization must be tax exempt.

Audit Committee – The committee will be meeting before October meeting.

Botanical Gardens – Kristin Pochopin thanked Plantasia and PLANT WNY for sponsoring the reception at the Botanica Gardens for the Garden Writers Conference.

CNLP/Awareness & Promotion – Graycliff Conservancy Tour is planned for August 10 and attendees do not need to be a CNLP. Looking at possibly a tour of the Draves Arboretum in early September. September 15 is the NYSNLA CNLP Day – home of Frederick Edward Church, Hudson NY.

Ed Day/Trade Show – February 1 and 2, 2018 at Salvatore’s Italian Gardens. Hort 101 will repeat a couple of the classes with a mix of additional classes and will lean toward the retail end of it this year as well. Kerri Mendez is the keynote speaker.

Erie County Fair – Set-up assistance is needed for the Erie County Fair. An email to the membership and CNLPs will be sent.

Foundation – An historic moment just took place – the Foundation has reached ½ million in assets. The Foundation has just awarded a $1,000 scholarship to an NCCC student. Dave McIntyre stressed it is important to thank those who started the Foundation, those who have worked to advance the Foundation and everyone who supports it now.

Golf Outing – New this year: register your team on-line. Golf outing is taking place September 12 at the Buffalo Tournament Club.

Harvest Dinner – November 10 at Raclettes. The restaurant is closing the restaurant for our group.

Landscape Awards – New this year: pay with PayPal on line now when submitting your landscape award entry.

Membership – The NYSNLA will assist the regions with membership development. 2017 Membership Guides are still available.

Leaf a Legacy – The Ash trees on Delaware Avenue need to be replaced. Buffalo Green Fund is working on replacing 59 trees in the fall. It was suggested to include a replacement project for the trees that died from the drought.

Nominating Committee – The committee will be looking at Person of the Year or Business of the Year as well as Executive Board.

Plantasia – The committee is making a few changes to the show – create a little more excitement. Need the landscapers to be involved to make it a better show. We want to push our show to the next level. Theme for 2018 is Cityscapes. The plan is to have more entertainment; more lighting; do something with the vendor area to make it more attractive. Lights will be dimmed at certain hours. Will be reworking our advertising to make the theme known. The 2018 show chairs are Chris Zeisz, Rico Rivera and Russ Gullo.

State Reps – Kim Schichtel gave breakdown of potential dues restricting: Much discussion took place. Roger Restorff motioned for our state reps to table the vote of the dues restructure until there is more information and more time. If a vote does take place, our voting directors should not support the dues restructuring. Motion was second by Teresa Buchanan. All were in favor and motion carried.


New Business – Tara Perrin
Membership Directories were distributed to members in attendance.

Sally Cunningham spoke about the Garden Writer’s Conference – 300 garden writers and bloggers are coming in early August. 4 Days of tours – 6 buses taking them around our area for tours. Mike Frank, Roger Restorff, Ed Dore and Kristin Pochopin were all instrumental in getting potted plants to various sites in Buffalo. Sally stated there is much collaboration for this event and this is what makes our area so great.

Motion to accept the minutes of March 1, 2017 meeting– Tara Perrin
Sally Cunningham motioned to accept the minutes of March 1, 2017. Kim Schichtel second the motion. All in favor were in favor and motion carried.

Kim Schichtel motioned to adjourn the meeting. Teresa Buchanan second the motion. All in favor. Meeting was adjourned.