Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Buffalo State College – 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222
7:00 pm


Call to order was made at 7:13 pm by Teresa Buchanan, president.

By a show of hands, it was determined we had a quorum.

Jeannetta Hanlon, secretary, welcomed the following new members to our association: Skyworks, LLC

Phil Tripi, treasurer, gave the financial report which was included in the agenda packet.

Committee Reports:

Arbor Day – Leaf a Legacy and Arbor Day joined together to plant 20 trees on the Kids Escaping Drugs campus. This year it was done on Arbor Day and we would like to continue with it.

Audit Committee – Will be meeting again soon to review 2017 financials. The Audit Committee makes recommendations to the Board if they find anything. Gives oversight to the situation.

Botanical Gardens – Kristin Pochopin thanked the Foundation, Dore Landscape Associates, Chestnut Ridge Nursery and Plantasia for all the donations of trees and plant material. Gardens have been very busy.

CNLP/Awareness & Promotion – Kim Schichtel reminded CNLPs to enter their credits online – this is your responsibility. We have a sign in sheet but that is just for back up. Joan Mariea canvased the group to see if they are interested in CNLP and PLANT WNY magnets. CNLP Day (all the regions) is Oct 5 at Draves Arboretum.

Ed Day/Trade Show – Maria Zampini is the keynote speaker for the Trade Show and Education Conference on Friday, February 1. CNLP Day is January 31.

Erie County Fair – Volunteers are needed for Sunday, August 5 and Monday, August 6.

Foundation – Dave McIntyre gave the financial report. Dave announced that Corey Rae Hunter will be receiving a scholarship for the fall.

Golf Outing – Friday, September 14 at the Buffalo Golf Tournament.

Harvest Dinner – Friday, November 9 at the Bijou Grille. There is a separate entrance for the banquet room.

Historian – Matt Dore is greatly in need of assistance with the historian archives. There is a lot of documents and there needs to be a way to get that information out to the membership.

Landscape Awards – Now is the time to take photos for the landscape awards program. There is a category to fit everything.

Leaf a Legacy – Jeanetta Hanlon and Ed Dore met with the Buffalo Green Fund to see if we would be interested in working with them on a future project at the Central Library downtown. The library received funding for a reading program but not for the outdoor space.



Sally Cunningham gave an update on the Front Yard Makeover contest. She heard from a resident of Crowley Avenue and they have kept up their properties and are still very appreciative. It was suggested that when doing a Leaf a Legacy project, the recipient will need to know they are to take care of it and we need a commitment before we do the project. We can educate them on how to take care of the trees or landscape and supply gator bags, etc. Sharon Webber suggested the need for a lead/point person for the project.

Nominating Committee – Nominations are being accepted for secretary.

Plantasia – 2019 theme is Plantasia in Paradise. We will be having tropical plants which allows us to open up to new plant material and colors. We would like each of the landscapers to have something in their gardens for the theme.

Policies & Procedures – The committee has not had a follow-up meeting.

State Reps – There is a ban on nitrogen in region 1 and usually what happens there, snowballs to the rest of the state. The State would like to increase membership. Our region is one of the stronger regions

Dave McIntyre motioned to accept the minutes of July 18, 2018; Elaine Sieczkarek seconded the motion. All in favor.

On behalf of the membership, Teresa thanked Steve Sypniewski for the arboretum tour and providing a place to hold the meeting. Teresa thanked Mike and Sue Frank for catering our picnic.

Sally Cunningham motion to adjourn the meeting; Ed Dore seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned at 8:14 pm