Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Flying Bison Brewery – 840 Seneca Street, Buffalo, NY 14210


Call to order was made at 6:21pm by Teresa Buchanan, president.

By a show of hands, it was determined we had a quorum.

Jeannetta Hanlon, secretary, welcomed the following new members to our association: Bonnie’s Barefoot Gardening Service; Buffalo Horticulture; Ecoverde Organics; The Gutter People of WNY

Phil Tripi, treasurer, gave the financial report which was included in the agenda packet.

Committee Reports:

Arbor Day – Arbor Day and Leaf a Legacy will be working together. Kids Espcaping Drugs has lost 200 trees and asked for our assistance. Jeannette reached out to ReTree and the Buffalo Green Fund to assist with trees or funding and media assistance. KED will provide the volunteers to do the planting. Carolyn Stanko, NCCC, and students will lend guidance to the volunteers planting as well as Liz Bonadonna from Busy Beaver. Chestnut Ridge Nursery, Akron Tree Farm, Russell’s Tree and Shrub Farm committed to providing going to trees, shrubs, mulch and stakes. We will need tools – shovels, rakes, brooms. It is tentatively scheduled for Arbor Day Friday, April 27. KED has a partnership with Channel 2 and will do either a live shot or taping. Jeanetta also called Kathy Hochul’s office and is working on a press release.

Botanical Gardens – Kristy Schmitt stated they had best Lumagination ever. There is an opening for two full time horticulturists. Chestnut Ridge Nursery has donated a tree for their upcoming Arbor Day planting.

CNLP Awareness – There is one spot open for the CNLP booth at this time. The State CNLP tour will be in region 6 in the fall.

Ed Day/Trade Show – Was very successful for 2018. Roger Restorff stressed that members should consider sending staff to Hort 101 and Education Day. It is a valuable experience for them.

Foundation – Fund balance is over 500,000. Silent auction, held at Friday’s Education Day, proceeds are going to benefit the endowment account. Thank you to all who participated in it.

Golf Outing – Our annual outing will be held on Friday, September 14 at the Buffalo Tournament Club.

Harvest Dinner – our annual dinner will take place November 9 at the Bijou Grill, downtown Buffalo.

Historian – Dave McIntyre is passing the torch to Matt Dore. Welcome to Matt as our new Historian and many thanks to Dave. Matt has been sorting through the file boxes of historical materials that have been saved over the years and passed on to him. Matt is looking for others to be on the “historical committee.” He believes the committee should serve 5 roles: (1) Managing, storing, and protecting the archives; (2) The active collection of contemporary materials (meeting minutes, financial reports, membership directories, photographs, press releases) for archiving; (3) Curating historical materials for display at public events such as Plantasia – The history of the organization can be used in branding efforts; (4) The Historical Committee would interact and provide content for the Association’s social media; and (5) participate and facilitate the ongoing retelling (and recording) of the organization’s past.

State Reps – The State would like to tighten up the membership payment period by making make it 3 months before the company is not in good standing.

Mike Frank reported on the State’s Advocacy Committee tackling the “Call in Pay” legislation that may be passed. As an employer, you are to give two weeks notice to schedule your employees. If you put an employee on call and you don’t need them (such as it doesn’t snow or it rains) as an employer, you will still need to pay them. Mike stressed the importance of the work of the Advocacy Committee and how belonging to the NYSNA gives voice and backing to speak on our trade. Mike also stressed to read the emails that from come from NYSNLA as well as our own region. They are of no value if you don’t read them. Also, the management company, ADG, is basically our executive secretary on the state level. They manage a lot of things but we as members are the association and it is up to us to actually act on the things that ADG and the state board bring to our attention.

Policies and Procedures – The Committee met and has additional work ahead of them. They hope to meet at Plantasia but most likely be during the summer.

New Business
– Gardenscape is back and going on right now. Members should take the drive and attend.

Kim Schichtel motioned to accept the minutes of February 1, 2018; Mike Telban seconded the motion. All in favor.

Dave McIntyre motioned to adjourn the meeting; Kim Schichtel seconded the motion. All in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 7:24 PM.