Wednesday, March 1, 2017
The Buffalo History Museum, One Museum Court, Buffalo, NY 14216


6:10 meeting called to order by Tara Perrin, president.

Committee Reports

Arbor Day – On a State level, it is a non-issue at least for this year.

Botanical Gardens – The horticulture department is looking for part-time help and need tree work done.

CNLP/Awareness & Promotion – Looking to have a tour of the cherry trees on the grounds of the Buffalo History Museum. CNLPs are needed to work the booth at Plantasia.

Ed Day/Trade Show – Kerry Ann Mendez is our keynote speaker for Ed Day 2018 – February 1 and 2. She will speak at both days. Horticulture 101 was well attended and will be run again.

Foundation – The Foundation’s financial report was included in the agenda packet. There is about $475,000 in assets.

Golf Outing – Tentative date is Monday, September 11 at Buffalo Tournament Club.

Harvest Dinner – Tara Perrin looking for ideas on where to have it that is affordable.

Plantasia – Chris Zeisz gave recap of Plantasia. Set-up rules were distributed to the landscapers.

State Reps – Mike Frank gave an update on the State. A phone conference was held to get all the regions up to speed. The State would like to get all the regions involved. There is a new State Executive Director – Don Clendaniel.

New Business

Garden Writer’s Conference – Sally Cunningham presented a video and information about the event. Selling our region. PLANT WNY will assist with funding for reception at the Botanical Gardens and shipping of plants from Florida. Potting soil is needed for the large planters.

Advertising Co-Op information was made available.

Sales Boot Camp informational postcards were distributed.

Steve Sypniewski reported that the Friends of the Arboretum has over 100 supporters. They raised enough money through their shade tree campaign to purchase trees and would like to purchase 10 more. Thursday, April 20 will be Buffalo State’s arbor day.
Chris Zeisz motioned to accept the minutes of February 2, 2017 and it was second by Sally Cunningham. Minutes were unanimously accepted.

Kim Schichtel motioned to adjourn and it was second by Mike Frank second. Meeting was unanimously adjourned at 7 pm.