PLANT WNY Meeting Minutes – Thursday, February 2, 2020

Thursday, February 6, 2020
6 pm
Salvatore’s Italian Gardens, Depew, NY 14043

A call to order was made 6:16 pm by Phil Tripi, president. By a show of hands, it was determined we had a quorum.

Steve Sypniewski, secretary, welcomed out new members: Edgewood Nursery, Inc., Marinucci Landscaping, Tedesco Enterprises LLC, Walnut Creek Property Beautification, Wild EE Coyote Inc, Nellie Gardner, Cheryl Krisnosky, CNLP, Joan Mariea, CNLP, Monica Owens, CNLP
Cynthia Rutter, CNLP , Steve Sypniewski, Lifetime CNLP, Jake Voelker, CNLP, Sharon Webber, Lifetime CNLP

Kristy Schmitt, treasurer, gave the financial report which was included in the agenda packet.

Committee Reports:

Audit Committee – The 2018 audit was completed in November 2019. A report was submitted to the Executive Board that all was found to be in good order.

Botanical Gardens – Lumagination in on now through the end of February. The Gardens will be hosting the children’s garden again at Plantasia.

CNLP/Awareness & Promotion – CNLP review courses are taking place in February at NCCC. The exam is scheduled for March 5.

Ed Day/Trade Show – Roger Restorff thanked the Education Day committee – Bonnie Guckin, Helen Makeyenko, Joan Mariea, Kristy Schmitt, Kim Schichtel, and Steve Sypniewski. Roger also thanked the sponsors: Draves Tree & Landscape, Batavia Turf, Prides Corner Farms, Lawley Insurance, Admar, SiteOne Landscape Supply, Finger Lakes Mulch and Soil Products and Scranton’s Thruway Builders Supplies

Erie County Fair – Lisa Kiec-Maliszewski stated they had a beautiful time setting up the EC Fair display this year as there was great assistance from Valley View Nurseries. It was done in one day this year because there was so much help.

Foundation – Paulina Masailo and Carl Nels Anderson, students at NCCC, received spring 2020 scholarships. The Foundation has approved funding several community projects for 2020.

Historian – A work session is setup for February 13. Matt Dore welcomed anyone who would like to assist as well.

Landscape Awards – The awards will take place again in the fall. There is a poster of the 2019 recipients at Education Day and it will then go to Plantasia and the Erie County Fair.

NCCC – Carolyn Stanko thanked the Foundation for their continuous support. It is because of the Foundation that the students are able to attend CNLP and Trade Show & Education Conference. 47 students are enrolled in horticulture at NCCC. They are currently seeking funds for a multi-disciplinary greenhouse.

Membership – There is a new membership dues structure which allows for individuals to join. We had an increase in members because of that. Membership info cards are available. Membership guides will be printed for March in time for Plantasia. Members need to check their information and get corrections/additions to Joyce.

Leaf a Legacy – Jeanetta Hanlon reported that she will be reaching out to garden walks to see if PLANT WNY can support them in their ongoing/established project.

Plantasia – A signup sheet is available for volunteering as greeters or the CNLP booth. Assistance is needed with setup and teardown.

Policies and Procedures – The committee needs to meet and review previous recommendation.

Media/Marketing – Joan Mariea announced we not too far from our goal of 1,000 likes on Facebook. Kristy Schmitt is creating events on Facebook and will work on Instagram. It was suggested to create an event for our meetings on Facebook. Jennifer Watson informed us that Region 5 is doing a text alert for meetings and will let us know how that works out.

New Business

Accredited Snow Contractors Association contacted Phil Tripi as they are looking for support from our Association regarding setting language for liability for snow contractors. Several of our members plow and this will be of interest. When we have more information, we will forward to the membership.

On behalf of the Native Plants Collaborative, Sally Cunningham thanked the Foundation for 2020 funding. They funding will be used to educate visitors through garden signs and literature in garden walk gardens. Over 100 stakeholders are involved in the collaborative. Ken Parker also thanked the Foundation and stated that members are welcome to attend their next meeting on February 19.

The Ecology of Trees and the Impact on the Environment will take place on February 13 at the Burchfield Penney Art Center at 6pm. It is a free event.


Roger Restorff motioned to accept the minutes of October 16, 2019. Teresa Buchanan seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Kristy Schmitt motioned to adjourn the meeting. Dave McIntyre seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned at 6:58pm.


Minutes submitted by: Joyce Janson