Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Danny’s South – 4300 Abbott Road, Orchard Park, NY 14127

(716) 649-1194

At 6:15pm the meeting called to order by Tara Perrin, president.

Phil Tripi welcomed R. C. Landscaping to our membership. Membership is at 124 (two more than agenda indicated.)

Sue Frank gave the financial report. A balance sheet will now be included in the agenda packet. A change in reporting will now show the seed money (Plantasia startup money) on the balance sheet. Sue pointed out a few changes to the profit and loss statement since the last meeting. Foundation funding will be put directly to the budgeted projects as income.

Committee Reports

Arbor Day – at our July meeting an idea was presented to involve schools with an Arbor Day poster competition which would result in a tree for the winner. Tara Perrin would like assistance with how to get this off the ground.

Audit Committee – Dave McIntyre announced the findings of the Audit Committee performed September 20 –

  1. Balance Sheet item of -$10,791 in AR was adjusted.
  2. State membership of $25 for 44 members should be paid by the State.
  3. Policies and procedures for the Association, Plantasia and the Foundation will be reviewed and updated if necessary. A committee has been formed.
  4. The current accountant and our agreement with them should be reviewed and the end of this year.
  5. The Foundation should present a budget at their annual meeting that includes new events.
  6. Plantasia should have a budget.

Botanical Gardens – Two horticulturists have been hired. Kristin Pochopin thanked all who supported the gala.

CNLP/Awareness & Promotion – Kim Schichtel thanked Tom Draves for the arboretum tour on October 6. 25 people attended.  CNLP Day for the State will be in region 6 in 2018. A date/location will be determined.

Ed Day/Trade Show – Ed Day is February 1 and 2. The committee is already working on 2019 keynote speaker and seminar speakers.

Erie County Fair – Lisa Kiec-Maliszewski will be co-chairing with Gardner Low. Lisa reported that they had only 1 day to set up the display this year (previously had two days) and it caused them to work quickly. A lot of assistance is needed the Monday before the fair opens.  Besides our PLANT WNY display, there are displays outside of the entrances and in other locations. Ken Wilk provides the mulch and plant material. Gardner goes in and waters every day.

Golf Outing – Our outing was a beautiful day and it was successful. The Buffalo Tournament club will be updating their facility and we will most likely be back for 2018.

Harvest Dinner – November 10 at Raclettes. Person of the Year is Roger Restorff and Business of the Year is Batavia Turf.

Landscape Awards – Phil Colarusso spoke about the value of winning an award and he encouraged members to enter. Awards will be presented at the Harvest Dinner on November 10.

Membership – As a Board we do not know how the dues restructuring will affect our membership. Phil Tripi will be joining the committee and will focus on increasing membership. The State has offered to contact any leads that we provide them.

Leaf a Legacy – ReTree and Buffalo Green Fund would like to keep this going. There are funding sources available. Ed Dore reported that on Delaware Avenue, in Buffalo, 69 ash trees will be removed at end of October/early November. The City of Buffalo is handling the control of traffic and permits. Bob Smith and Tom Draves are also involved in this project. There will be a publicity campaign to promote the planting.

Plantasia – The 2018 chairs are Chris Zeisz, Russ Gullo and Rico Rivera. The floor plan has just been finished. Cityscapes Into the Night is the theme. The show will have displays on the end of vendor rows to make it look like a city. Children’s Garden will be in a different area. There will be two gardens in Artisan Hall – first come first served. We are raising the price on non-members vendor booths and not-for-profits booths. Ticket price will increase by $1.00 for general admission and seniors.

Social Media/Rebranding/Marketing – Joan Maria wants everyone to check out PLANT WNYs Facebook page and “like” it.

State Reps –   Kim Schichtel reported that dues structure did pass at the State meeting in August. Our Executive Board decided on whether to include $100 regional dues to the Affiliate level of membership (Affiliates will pay $50 to belong to the NYSNLA):

It was determined to offer two choices for Affiliate members:

  1. Require volunteer time in lieu of paying $100 in dues. Volunteer time would include serving on a committee or 15 hours of volunteer time at our events, etc. This level would have no voting rights, cannot serve on the board or discounts. However, if a CNLP, they would get the discount at our events only – no discount on booth space or listings.
  2. $100 dues paid to Region 6. This level will have voting rights, be listed in directory/guide, Ed Day and Plantasia booth discount, ad discount in directory, listing in directory and guide.

New Business – Tara Perrin

  • Sally Cunningham spoke about the value of the GWA. Estimated tourism value is $1.3 – hotels, restaurants, etc. The next value is the image of Buffalo to the rest of the world. Sally has many positive comments regarding Garden Walk Buffalo that came from out of town visitors.
  • Election of 2018 Board of Directors

Tara Perrin asked for one of the members of the Nominating Committee to make a motion to nominate the incoming secretary. Kim Schichtel motioned to nominate Jeanetta Hanlon, as secretary to the 2018 PLANT WNY Board of Directors. Erin Burgess seconded the motion. Nominations closed after no further nominations were receive.

Kim then presented the 2018 Slate of Officers as follows:

Teresa Buchanan – President

Sue Frank – Vice President

Phil Tripi – Treasurer

Jeanetta Hanlon – Secretary
Tara Perrin   – Director

Kim asked for a motion that the secretary cast one vote for the slate of officers; Mike Frank seconded the motion and all were in favor.

  • 2018 PLANT WNY Budget

Teresa Buchanan presented the 2018 budget. The Association will be asking the Foundation for $11,000. Several budgeted items were updated to be more in align with our projects.

Roger Restorff made a motion to accept the 2018 budget. Dave McIntyre seconded the motion.

All in favor.

  • There was no new business from the membership

Bob Smith motioned to accept the meeting minutes of July 19, 2017. Sally Cunningham seconded the motion. All in favor.

Ed Dore made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mike Frank seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned at 7pm

Foundation Meeting

At 7pm the Foundation meeting was called to order by Dave McIntyre, president. Dave gave a brief report of the financials of the Foundation.

Dave McIntyre motioned for Mike Frank as incoming trustee to the Foundation. Roger Restorff seconded the motion. All in favor.

There being no further business, Ed Dore motioned to adjourn the Foundation meeting. Kim Schichtel seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 7:10pm.