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Landscape Awards

Landscape Award Winners

Congratulations to PLANT WNY's 2022 Landscape Awards Recipients

Large Hardscape:  Simone Landscape - Fuchs Residence

Large Mixed Residential:  Dore Landscape Associates - Steck Residence

Feature Focus:  Tripi’s Landscaping Group – Kotecki’s Water Feature

Large Commercial:  Peter Burke, CNLP -Tennyson Court's Memory Courtyard

Small Mixed Residential:  Peter Burke, CNLP - The Gardens at the Little Orange Cottage

Small Hardscape:  Restorff's Landscape Service- Lombardi Residence

Closed for 2022!  2022 Landscape Awards Program

Click here for the Landscape Awards Brochure (criteria and points system)

Enter online with the form below and pay with PayPal - $50 per entry

Multiple entries per category may be submitted, however, only one award per category per company will be allowed ($50 per entry.)

There are 9 categories to enter:
Mixed Residential:
Small................... Under $15,000
Large.....................Over $15,000

Small...................Under $15,000
Large.....................Over $15,000

Small...................Under $15,000
Large.....................Over $15,000

Mature Residential/Commercial:
Small...................Under $15,000 - Minimum 3 years old - (past winning projects excluded.)
Large.....................Over $15,000 - Minimum 3 years old - (past winning projects excluded.)

Feature Focus (New for 2022!)
Enter based on specific aspect of the garden – lighting, water, etc.

IMPORTANT - Before you can begin:

-  You must be a member of PLANT WNY to enter.  Contact (716) 741-8047 for more information.

-  Entry must be submitted by the company that has the contract with the homeowner/business owner – cannot be a subcontractor.

- You must have a signed photo release form from the homeowner or business for each entry. The photo release form is below. Please email it to

Download the Photography Consent Form here: Photography Consent Form

- Upload your photos to your computer.

- Upload the landscape plan to your computer (optional but recommended.)

- Think about your descriptions for the photos – include the address of home/business as well as their name. Look at the flyer with the criteria to assist you (found above).

- Once you have all the necessary

forms, photos, and information you can submit your entries.

- A confirmation email will be sent you to and to the PLANT WNY office.

- Payment must follow application - $50 per entry
   Mail check – Make payable to PLANT WNY Foundation, PO Box 712, East Amherst, NY 14051

Questions – contact Joyce at 716-741-8047 or

Good luck!

2021 Landscape Awards Recipients

Best of Show:  Beautiful  River Landscape Design, Inc. - Grimm Residence
1st Place Mixed Residential Large:  Dore Landscape Associates, Inc. - Moreland Residence
1st Place Mature Landscape:  GardenEscapes - Tompkins Residence
1st Place Mixed Hardscape Large:  Peter G. Burke - Poolside Oasis
1st Place Commercial Large:  Regan Landscape - Murrett Company

2019 Landscape Awards Recipients

Commercial Over: Napier & Sons
Residential Over: J &L Premier Landscape
Hardscape Under: Regan Landscape
Mature: Chevalier Outdoor Living
Hardscape Over: Tripi’s Landscaping
Residential Under: Regan Landscape
Best of Show: Regan Landscape

2018 Landscape Awards Recipients

Mature Landscape: Tripi’s Landscaping 
Large Hardscape:  Dore Landscape Associates 
Small Hardscape:  Regan Landscape 
Small Residential:  Beautiful River Landscape Design 
Large Residential:  Gossel Lawn and Landscape 

2017 Landscape Awards Recipients

Small Commercial & Small Hardscape: Dore Landscape Associates
Large Commerical:  Napier & Sons
Small Residential & Best of Show:  Chevalier Outdoor Living
Large Hardscape:  T. O'Donnell Landscaping
Large Residential:  Beautiful River Landscape Design

2016 Landscape Awards Recipients

Best of Show Category:   T. O’Donnell Landscaping
Large Residential Category:  Jacrist Gardening Services, Inc.
Large Hardscape Category:  Scott’s Lawn & Landscape Services
Small Hardscape Category:   Murray Brothers Nurseries, Inc.

2015 Landscape Awards Recipients

Residential Small Category: Dore Landscape Associates, Inc.
Residential Large Category: Dore Landscape Associates, Inc.
Hardscapes Small Category: Tripi's Landscaping, LLC
Hardscapes Large Category: Chevalier Outdoor Living
Mature Landscape Category: Menne Landscape & Garden Artistry

2014 Landscape Awards Recipients

Mature Category: Beautiful River Landscape Design, Inc., Santonocito Residence
Hardscape Large Category: Restorff's Landscape Service, Hamilton/Aiken Residence
Residential Large Category: Menne Nursery Corp., Lawson Residence
Commercial Small Category: Menne Nursery Corp., Niagara Tourism

2013 Landscape Awards Recipients

Commercial: Dore Landscape Associates, Inc - Niagara County Produce
Residential over $10,000: Beautiful River Landscape Design – The Pailler Residence
Residential under $10,000: Jacrist Gardening Services, Inc. -   The Keller Residence
Hardscapes over $10,000: The Cutting Edge Complete Landscaping, Inc. - The Engel Residence

2012 Landscape Awards Recipients

Mature Category:    1st Place: The English Gardener - Pam’s Garden

Commercial Large
1st Place: Napier & Son landscape Services, Inc. -  Larkin Development
2nd Place:  Dore Landscape Associates, Inc. -  Darien Lake

 Hardscape Large
1st Place: Dore Landscape Associates, Inc .- Celani Residence
2nd Place: Menne Nursery & Garden Artistry - The Gilchrist Residence
3rd Place:  Mitchell landscaping - The Firehouse

 Mixed Residential Large
1st Place: Pace Landscaping- The Sisson residence
2nd Place: Beautiful River Landscape Design- Ronden Residence
3rd Place: Menne Nursery & Garden artistry- The Schoellkopf Residence