Minutes 2020


Wednesday, August 12, 2020 - 7 pm
Lakeside Sod - 6660 Goodrich Road, Clarence Center, NY 14032

Our meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Phil Tripi, president. Phil and our membership thanked Lakeside Sod for hosting our meeting and providing a tour.

New for this meeting, agendas with financial statements were emailed to attendees. The sign-in sheet was not circulated and since members were asked to RSVP for this, there is a record of attendees based on that list and will be used as proof of attendance.

By a show of hands, it was determined we had a quorum.

Steve Sypniewski, secretary, welcomed our new members: The Guy Next Door Landscaping and Pro-Cut Property Services.

Kristy Schmitt, treasurer, gave the financial report. Kristy noted that changes were made to the Foundation’s profit and loss statement to make it easier to follow.

Committee Reports:

Audit Committee - The audit will be scheduled soon.

Botanical Gardens - Like many other not-for-profits, 2020 has not been good for the Botanical Gardens. There are many ways in which our members can support the Gardens including a raffle and online classes. Ticketing is time-ticketed for visiting the gardens. Thursday night has food trucks.

CNLP/Awareness & Promotion - By a show of hands, people did express interest in attending a CNLP tour. Kim will look into options.

ED Day/Trade Show   - As of right now the committee is planning an Education Day however, they are looking into a hybrid version which would include an online option. If need be, we may do a virtual one. CNLP and DEC credits would be available. There are many factors to consider such as attendee limits and is it financially feasible to hold with event with all the constraints. A concern was raised as to a problem with online ticket purchase in that one ticket purchase can allow for a crew to watch the classes as well. Landscape Ontario would be a good organization to contact as they have been doing online events for a while.

It was suggested to survey past attendees and exhibitors on whether they would attend.

Foundation - Investments were down drastically at the start of the pandemic and has slowly been recovering.

Golf Outing - The outing is planned for September 18 at a new location, Chestnut Creek Hill in Darien Center.

Harvest Dinner - Due to past experience with our Harvest Dinner being held in tighter spaces with several people to a table, it is looking like November is not a good fit for the dinner. Phil was thinking of a combination October membership meeting with the Harvest Dinner. He has been in contact was a facility that would allow for space and at the same time provide a wonderful dinner. A short business meeting would need to take place which would include elections and 2021 budget. Landscape Awards could possibly be presented.

Historian - The committee hasn’t been able to get together.  Since Plantasia did not take place, the committee gave thought to what took place for income before Plantasia. Members offered memories of involvement with Buffalo Home & Garden Show, Eastern Hills Mall, Junior League Home, and Buffalo armory. Matt is looking to put together a timeline.

Landscape Awards - The program will take place with a new procedure to enter. Members were encouraged to start taking photos of their work.

Membership - Phil stressed the importance of working with social media to attract new members.

NCCC – Tom Mitchell stated that enrollment is at or very near capacity for horticulture classes. There will be both online or online combined with in-person classes. The demand for NCCC students is continual so they need to keep moving ahead.

Nominating Committee - The committee is accepting nominations for incoming 2021 secretary. Voting will happen at the October/Harvest Dinner.

Plantasia - We have the dates but we don’t know the future so things are on hold right now. Vendors and landscapers were given the option to receive a refund or put toward next year as a deposit and almost all landscapers are onboard for 2021.   Plantasia’ s Show Stoppers insurance claim was denied. The membership agreed that we should seek legal advisement.

Media/Marketing - PLANT WNY’s Facebook page has almost 750 likes and almost 850 followers. Joan Mariea is hoping to feature members and CNLPs with profiles on Facebook. She would ask people what they did in their past and how it brought them to horticulture.

State Reps – Kim and Phil will be attending the State Board meeting on August 20. The NYSNLA has a new management group and is trying to get up-to-speed.

Phil Tripi made the motion to accept the minutes of March 4, 2020. Ed Dore seconded the motion.

Dave McIntrye motioned to adjourn the meeting. Ed Dore seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned at 8:27 pm

Minutes submitted by: Joyce Janson


Wednesday, March 4, 2020

6 pm
Buffalo Museum of Science

1020 Humboldt Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14211

Called to order at 6:10 pm by Phil Tripi, president. By a show of hands, it was determined we had a quorum.

Steve Sypniewski, secretary, welcomed out new members: Earthworks, Heavenly Ponds & Maintenance, Junior's Lawn Service & Landscaping, LOE Trailer Sales of WNY LLC

Kristy Schmitt, treasurer, gave the financial report which was included in the agenda packet.

Committee Reports:

Botanical Gardens - The gardens are excited to be sponsoring the Children’s Garden again this year at Plantasia.

CNLP/Awareness & Promotion – 9 candidates are registered to take the CNLP exam taking place on March 5 at NCCC. 8 of which have attended review classes. Additionally, five current CNLP’s have attended review classes for credits. We have a very eager and hard-working group. 

Ed Day/Trade Show - David Culp is the keynote speaker for 2021. CNLP day will take place Thursday, February 4 and the Trade Show & Education Conference will be Friday, February 5.

Foundation - The Foundation is in good shape. A suggestion was made to simplify the Foundation’s profit and loss statement as it is hard to understand. The Executive Board will look at what can be done and may possibly leave out the Wells Fargo account information on the report as it is confusing.

Harvest Dinner - A date and location for November will be announced soon.

Historian - Matt Dore along with Dave McIntyre and Bonnie Guckin are sorting through photos and organizing them. Matt is looking to have another work meeting and will be sorting through papers. Please let him know if you are interested in assisting.

Landscape Awards - Start taking landscape photos early so that you can be ready to submit them in the fall - you will need before and after photos.  Suggestion to hang them in the walkway on the way from the Event Center to Artisan Hall.

Leaf a Legacy - Jeanetta Hanlon reported that she will be reaching out to garden walks to see if PLANT WNY can support them in their ongoing/established project. The Leaf a Legacy needs to be a public location.

Nominating - The committee is not actively seeking nominations but they are always open to it.

Plantasia - Preview Night is sponsored by Entercom. Lucarelli’s will be providing the food. Lakeside Sod is the sponsor of the show. If there are specific plants that you want, please let Gardner Low know. Mulch will be there. New this year - landscapers have to send one person to help with cleanup on Monday so that everyone shares in the workload. Phil is working on garden signage and will need landscaper’s logo files in Adobe or Illustrator format. The logos will be printed on vinyl and put on plexiglass. We are doing a social media campaign and are looking for landscapers and vendors to email photos to post.

Media/Marketing - Kristy Schmitt is working on creating Facebook events. Please like us on Facebook.

State Reps – The State Board is looking at changing the NYSNLA management company. They are currently reviewing proposals from three companies. Currently, there is no money to market the CNLP program. This is going to have a rebuilding process. A great member benefit is that the NYSNLA is strong in knowing what legislation is coming and it gives us a voice.

New Business

 Bonnie Guckin is now the Buffalo distributor for the Upstate Gardeners’ Journal. Let her know if you would like to get on the distribution schedule.

Julie Hughes and Dan Robillard brought along students from McKinley. The Foundation was thanked for supporting horticulture students at NCCC and presented with a card.  

Mike Frank motioned to accept the minutes of February 6, 2020. Dave McIntyre seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Chris Zeisz motioned to adjourn the meeting. Kim Schichtel seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned at 7:05 pm.

 Minutes submitted by: Joyce Janson

Thursday, February 6, 2020
6 pm
Salvatore’s Italian Gardens, Depew, NY 14043

A call to order was made 6:16 pm by Phil Tripi, president. By a show of hands, it was determined we had a quorum.

Steve Sypniewski, secretary, welcomed out new members: Edgewood Nursery, Inc., Marinucci Landscaping, Tedesco Enterprises LLC, Walnut Creek Property Beautification, Wild EE Coyote Inc, Nellie Gardner, Cheryl Krisnosky, CNLP, Joan Mariea, CNLP, Monica Owens, CNLP
Cynthia Rutter, CNLP , Steve Sypniewski, Lifetime CNLP, Jake Voelker, CNLP, Sharon Webber, Lifetime CNLP

Kristy Schmitt, treasurer, gave the financial report which was included in the agenda packet.

Committee Reports:

Audit Committee - The 2018 audit was completed in November 2019. A report was submitted to the Executive Board that all was found to be in good order.

Botanical Gardens - Lumagination in on now through the end of February. The Gardens will be hosting the children’s garden again at Plantasia.

CNLP/Awareness & Promotion - CNLP review courses are taking place in February at NCCC. The exam is scheduled for March 5.

Ed Day/Trade Show - Roger Restorff thanked the Education Day committee - Bonnie Guckin, Helen Makeyenko, Joan Mariea, Kristy Schmitt, Kim Schichtel, and Steve Sypniewski. Roger also thanked the sponsors: Draves Tree & Landscape, Batavia Turf, Prides Corner Farms, Lawley Insurance, Admar, SiteOne Landscape Supply, Finger Lakes Mulch and Soil Products and Scranton’s Thruway Builders Supplies

Erie County Fair - Lisa Kiec-Maliszewski stated they had a beautiful time setting up the EC Fair display this year as there was great assistance from Valley View Nurseries. It was done in one day this year because there was so much help.

Foundation - Paulina Masailo and Carl Nels Anderson, students at NCCC, received spring 2020 scholarships. The Foundation has approved funding several community projects for 2020.

Historian - A work session is setup for February 13. Matt Dore welcomed anyone who would like to assist as well.

Landscape Awards - The awards will take place again in the fall. There is a poster of the 2019 recipients at Education Day and it will then go to Plantasia and the Erie County Fair.

NCCC - Carolyn Stanko thanked the Foundation for their continuous support. It is because of the Foundation that the students are able to attend CNLP and Trade Show & Education Conference. 47 students are enrolled in horticulture at NCCC. They are currently seeking funds for a multi-disciplinary greenhouse.

Membership - There is a new membership dues structure which allows for individuals to join. We had an increase in members because of that. Membership info cards are available. Membership guides will be printed for March in time for Plantasia. Members need to check their information and get corrections/additions to Joyce.

Leaf a Legacy - Jeanetta Hanlon reported that she will be reaching out to garden walks to see if PLANT WNY can support them in their ongoing/established project.

Plantasia - A signup sheet is available for volunteering as greeters or the CNLP booth. Assistance is needed with setup and teardown.

Policies and Procedures - The committee needs to meet and review previous recommendation.

Media/Marketing - Joan Mariea announced we not too far from our goal of 1,000 likes on Facebook. Kristy Schmitt is creating events on Facebook and will work on Instagram. It was suggested to create an event for our meetings on Facebook. Jennifer Watson informed us that Region 5 is doing a text alert for meetings and will let us know how that works out.

New Business

Accredited Snow Contractors Association contacted Phil Tripi as they are looking for support from our Association regarding setting language for liability for snow contractors. Several of our members plow and this will be of interest. When we have more information, we will forward to the membership.

On behalf of the Native Plants Collaborative, Sally Cunningham thanked the Foundation for 2020 funding. They funding will be used to educate visitors through garden signs and literature in garden walk gardens. Over 100 stakeholders are involved in the collaborative. Ken Parker also thanked the Foundation and stated that members are welcome to attend their next meeting on February 19.

The Ecology of Trees and the Impact on the Environment will take place on February 13 at the Burchfield Penney Art Center at 6pm. It is a free event.


Roger Restorff motioned to accept the minutes of October 16, 2019. Teresa Buchanan seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Kristy Schmitt motioned to adjourn the meeting. Dave McIntyre seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned at 6:58pm.


Minutes submitted by: Joyce Janson