Minutes 2016


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Buffalo Zoo – Children’s Resource Center

300 Parkside Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14214



In the absence of our current board president, Tara Perrin, vice president, called the meeting to order at 6:15pm.

 Committee Reports:

Audit Committee - The committee met in September to review PLANT WNY’s financials and procedures.   Recommendations were made to the board.

 CNLP - Lawn signage is available. We are in need of a CNLP’s to assist with the CNLP program.

 Ed Day/CNLP Dave- Roger Restorff thanked our first sponsors - Draves Trees Service and Unilock.   New for CNLP Day - Horticulture 101.  

 Golf Outing - There should be a small profit from the day. Kim Schichtel said it is looking like we will be back at the Buffalo Tournament Club for 2017 as they are reasonably priced and our golfers liked the course.

 Harvest Dinner – We will be honoring Chris Zeisz, lifetime CNLP as Person of the Year and Buffalo-NiagaraGardening.com as the Business of the Year. Awards will be presented on November 18 at Big Ditch Brewery.

 Landscape Awards - Go to www.landscapeawards.com to enter the contest. We will be linking winning photos with the company website info.

 Historian - Dave McIntyre brought a framed signed, letter from the 2010 front yard contest Parade Avenue homeowners as a sample of the historical items he has saved. It was suggested by Heidi Gee to put historical photos on our website for members and the public to view. This will be looked into.

 Leaf a Legacy - Ed Dore gave the history of front yard garden contest which was first completed on private property (private homes.)   In 2013 the Leaf a Legacy was started which was meant for beautifying public sites. Ed stated we would like to find a project that would not over tax us and could either tie in with Plantasia if done in March/April or the Garden Writers Conference in August.

 Membership - Teresa Buchanan, informed the membership that there are plans to update the PLANT WNY Guide to Services. Members were asked to take a look at the guide and make sure their information is up-to-date. Also, PLANT WNY is still offering the co-op advertising benefit with BuffaloNiagaraGardening.com, Buffalo Spree and Update Gardeners’ Journal when using the PLANT WNY logo and/or CNLP logo.   Contact each of the member firms for more information.

 NCCC – Tom Mitchell thanked Dave McIntyre for speaking to the NCCC Trustees regarding the possibly of building greenhouses at NCCC. The horticulture program has grown and is doing well. Recently, horticulture students did some landscaping work at Niagara Hospice, in which Niagara Hospice was very pleased. NCCC will be offering DEC classes for pesticide license (can’t miss any of the classes) or if just needing to renew your credits, you can attend any night for $20. Community Education classes are currently being offered for those who don’t want the full degree. There are plans CNLP review classes to take place again.

 Plantasia - Chris thanked Lakeside Sod for their continued sponsorship of Plantasia. Profits of the show go to fund the Association, Foundation and community affairs. Chris said we are ranked as the number two show at the Event Center – second only to Christmas in the Country.

 Social Media - Susan Marie Fonzi would like any submissions for Nursery Lines by Friday, October 21.

 State Representatives - Phil Colarusso reported the NYSNLA just had a leadership forum. There are plans to hold the leadership forum in two places next year so that more people can attend and make it more cost effective. Phil just attended the Great Lakes Conference. The webinars are continuing to grow. In November, State Reps will be visiting Delhi College, the last college in the SUNY system that has a horticulture program. Phil thanked Gernatt Asphalt and Neil Stern for the donation of Sabres box tickets for the State auction. Joan Mariea added that she attended the recent CNLP Day at the George Eastman House. Joan said that 9 people were in attendance from our region. Joan highly recommends it as you get a behind the scene experience and you don’t have to be a CNLP to attend.

New Business:

 Election of 2017 Board of Directors – Nominating Committee

Roger Restorff, representing the Nominating Committee presented the 2016 Slate of Officers as follows

 Tara Perrin – President
Teresa Buchanan - Vice President
Sue Frank – Treasurer
Phil Tripi – Secretary
Kristin Pochopin – Director

Roger made a motion to accept the slate of officers.   Tom Mitchell second the motion. Nominations closed after no further nominations were received. All in favor; motion carried.

2017 Budget

Tara Perrin presented the 2017 PLANT WNY budget and explained several of the line items. Mike Frank made a motion to accept the budget. Sally Cunningham second the budget. Discussion took place. Question was asked to what 265 Special Projects is. Tara explained it is for sponsorships such as Leaf a Legacy and Lumagination if we choose to. Another question raised was why the PLANT WNY budget has decreased considerably. Kim Schichtel explained it is because the PLANT WNY Foundation now includes ED Day, Golf Outing, and the Harvest Dinner in their profit and loss. This was a change implemented at the advice of our accountants to keep the Foundation has a 501(c)3. All in favor; motion carried.

Other new Business

Steve Sypniewski spoke about a new committee formed at Buffalo State committee called the Friends of the Maud Gordon Holmes Arboretum. Its mission is to raise money to replace trees that have been lost in recent years.  The committee is selling memberships for $20.00, and hosting a fundraiser cocktail party at Campus House on October 24. to raise money to purchase and maintain new trees.  

Sally Cunningham announced that the Garden Writers Convention is coming to Buffalo for a 4-day conference August 4 – 7, 2017. Possibly 350 people will attend. We have the advantage of the Visitor’s Bureau on our side who see the value in it for Buffalo and the economic impact with tourism. Their time here will include touring public and private gardens; classes; keynote speakers, awards and may add in pre-tours, like growers, cottage area, southtowns area. Additional tours will include Darwin Martin House, Olmsted Parks, Niagara Falls, Botanical Gardens. Idea of large planters – that would say “welcome garden writers” or downtown areas that could use sprucing up.   Where do we come in? The beautification and getting some “wow” downtown or at the places they will be touring. The Visitors Bureau is behind this and will approach the Buffalo Green Fund.

Tara Perrin asked for a motion to approve the minutes of July 20, 2016. Roger Restorff motioned to approve the minutes; Gary Sokolowski second it. All in favor

 Ed Dore motioned to adjourn; Mike Frank second the motion. All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 7:15pm

WNY Nurseryman’s Association Foundation, Inc. Meeting

 Dave McIntyre called the Foundation meeting to order at 7:15.

 Dave presented the slate of 2017 Trustees as:

 Roger Restorff           
Dave McIntyre      
Bob Smith
Gary Sokolowski
Eric Page

Gary Sokolowski motioned to accept the slate as presented and Mike Frank second the motion. All in favor.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House Complex - Greatbatch Pavilion
143 Jewett Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14214

In the temporary absence of our board president, Kim Schichtel, director, called the meeting to order at 7:06.

Committee Reports
Arbor Day – Steve Sypniewski, McKinley High School, thanked PLANT WNY for the donation of the tulip tree for Arbor Day.

Botanical Gardens – Kristin Pochopin reported they are getting estimates for work to be done on two houses. Kristin also announced she recently became the full time Director of Horticulture.

CNLP/Awareness & Promotion – Kristin Pochopin stated that the State website will soon have our region available for CNLPs to record their own credits. Joan Mariea’s tour is coming up in August and is now open to non-CNLP’s. CNLP lawn signs are available.

Ed Day/Trade Show – Roger Restorff announced that Andrew Keys is the keynote speaker. The committee is looking to cut back on expenses and is considering going back to the “on your own lunch break”. A sponsor for CNLP day would be appreciated. The committee is always open to speaker suggestions.

Foundation – The Foundation held a brief meeting before our membership meeting. Dave McIntyre announced that the Foundation approved a scholarship for $1,000 to a student attending NCCC. Connie Oswald Stofko would like to announce the recipient with a photo on Buffalo-NiagaraGardening.com
The State Association is looking for assistance with funding of the NYSNLA website. The Foundation recommends the Association vote on spending $750 for NYSNLA website development; the Foundation will in turn reimburse PLANT WNY the $750. Dave McIntyre motioned that the membership of the Association approve funding $750 for the NYSNLA website. Teresa Buchanan second the motion. All in were favor.

Golf Outing –Kim Schichtel announced we are ready to begin accepting teams for golfing.

Harvest Dinner – Friday, November 18; Big Ditch, 55 East Huron St., Buffalo, NY 14203, 6pm

Landscape Awards – The website will be open shortly sostart taking those photos while the weather is beautiful.

Membership – Teresa Buchanan spoke about the membership brochure that was printed this year. It went over well at Plantasia and is available to distribute.

Leaf a Legacy – Kristin Pochopin indicated the program had some challenges this year. Chestnut Ridge Nursery donated the trees and a member firm was contracted to do the landscaping.

Nominating Committee - Roger Restorff stated they are looking for people to join the board.

Plantasia – Theme for 2017 is Plantasia Through the Ages.

Social Media/Rebranding/Marketing – Susan-Marie Fonzi informed the membership that the latest Nursery Lines magazine is now on-line and is worth taking the time to read.

State Reps – Phil Colarusso said the NYSNLA’s new website is up and running. It has a very clean and fresh look. First week of August state reps from all the regions and state board will be having a strategic planning session. August 24 is the Leadership Forum and August 25 is the NYS Fair Environmental Award and auction.

New Business
Allan Armitage books are available at a discount. Contact the office for more information.

Kristin Pochopin asked for a motion to accept the minutes of March 9, 2016 meeting. Roger Restorff motioned to approve the minutes of March 9, 2016. Elaine Sieczkarek second the motion and all were in favor.

Dave McIntyre motioned to adjourn the meeting. Jeanetta Hanlon second the motion and all were in favor


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tifft Nature Preserve - 1200 Fuhrmann Boulevard, Buffalo NY 14203 (716) 825-6397



President Kristin Pochopin called the meeting to order at 6:15pm.

  • Committee Reports

Arbor Day – Arbor Day posters are being printed. We are hoping to have them in time for Arbor Day.   Steve Sypniewski thanked PLANT WNY for the donation of a tree to be planted at Buffalo State College’s Arbor Day. PLANT WNY will also have a table to hand out posters.  

Botanical Gardens - The Bflo & EC Botanical Gardens have applied for a grant and are competing against other non-for-profits and culturals. Currently working on beneficial insects and their spring show.

CNLP Program - Kristin Pochopin asked for assistance with the CNLP program. Kristin is currently chair but like to divide it up into manageable component’s would give anyone interested more information. The CNLP’s had a toured Zittel’s greenhouses recently and a tour today at Tifft Nature Preserve.   A pruning class is coming up in April and a tour of Joan Mariea’s gardens in August.

Ed Day - We had another successful CNLP/Trade Show & Education Conference. The Foundation subsidized Ed Day to about $10,000. The silent auction and 50/50’s help to keep the Foundation’s funds going. The silent auction at Ed Day raised over $1,000.

Golf Outing - The tentative date of the outing is Monday, September 12 at the Buffalo Tournament Club.

Historian - Dave McIntyre announced that Hank Van Woestyne passed away. He was president in 1983 and Man of the Year in 1989. Watch your emails for more information on funeral arrangements.  

Landscape Awards - Dave McIntyre and Phil Colarusso will be making an effort at Plantasia to speak with all member landscapers about the program.   Categories will be reviewed and the dollar amounts will be removed from the framed award.

Leaf A Legacy - This new committee. The concept if for PLANT WNY to provide plant material and assistance for an approved public, not-for-profit site. The committee is hoping to obtain plant material from Plantasia to plant at The Lodge – a community building, which adjourns a park. The Valley Community Center owns this building – it is a new building and will be opened in May.

Plantasia - Chris Zeisz gave details of the Backyard Makeover Contest - a $16,000 contest – $16,000 Plantasia dollars that they can spend with a member who is also in Plantasia. The show has been sold out for weeks now. Details of set-up were discussed.

Social Media - Susan-Marie Fonzi announced that Nursery Lines is on-line - please take the time to read it.

State Reps - Phil Colarusso informed the membership about the Long Island nitrogen plan and stated “Whatever happens in Long Island will most likely come our way.” A membership survey from NYSNLA is forthcoming so watch for it. State Beatification Awards program is now open. We have a membership drive going on – make a referral and get a $50 rebate. August 24 will be the State dinner and Leadership Forum in Syracuse.

New Business

The proposed 2016 budget was presented to the membership. It has taken longer than normal to prepare as our income and expenses have changed considerably since the Foundation will not be funding most of our events. Kristin

Kristin Pochopin presented the following items for consideration by the membership.

-          Arbor Day at the Zoo - The Zoo needs help with tree donations and plantings at the Zoo. Please contact Steve Mead for further information.

-          Channel 7 – Advertising opportunity - Home improvement advice from local experts. $8,000 investment. They are open to companies – can split it.

-          Erie County Fair - We have been offered booth space in the Grange Building.   It would need to be manned. Please see the Executive Board for further information or if you are interested.

-          Reminder – the Advertising Co-op (member benefit) with Buffalo Spree, Buffalo-NiagaraGardening.com and Upstate Gardeners’ Journal continues.


Kristin Pochopin asked for a motion to accept the minutes of Thursday, February 4. Bob Smith motioned to accept the minutes and Dave McIntyre second the motion. All were in favor.

Roger Restorff motioned to adjourn the meeting and it was second by Mike Frank. All were in favor. Meeting was adjourned at 7:05pm.