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President - Bob Smith, Term Expiring 2020
Treasurer/Secretary - Eric Page, Lifetime CNLP, Term 2021

Trustee - Mike Frank, Term 2022
Trustee - Ed Dore,  Lifetime CNLP, Term Expiring 2023
Trustee - Teresa Buchanan, CNLP, Term Expiring 2024

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Foundation Inc. Scholarship Program

Spring 2020 Scholarship Recipient Small 2Carl Anderson Spring Small

2020 spring scholarship recipients:
Paulina Masailo has been awarded The Mary Schichtel Memorial Scholarship and
Carl Nels Anderson has been awarded The George O. Adams and Kenneth E. Isaac Scholarship

 There are two scholarship applications for which to apply - see below for the description.  The application is to be used for Fall  and/or Spring

Toby Martino Memorial Scholarship (for high school seniors only)  Download the application here... 

PDF version:  Toby Martino Memorial Scholarship as PD           

Fillable Word version here:Toby Martino Memorial Scholarship Word Version

The Toby Martino Memorial Scholarship is given to a student who has a passion for horticulture and leadership skills just as Mr. Martino had. Mr. Martino taught horticulture at McKinley High School from 1935-1971 and wrote a weekly column in the Buffalo News. The scholarship is available to a high school senior who will be furthering their education in horticulture or a related field.


 The George O. Adams and Kenneth E. Isaac Memorial Scholarship, The Fred Howarth Memorial Scholarship, The Mary Schichtel Memorial Scholarship and the WNY State Nurserymen’s Association Foundation Scholarship - download the application here...
PDF version hereSpring 2021 Scholarship Application - PDF 

Fillable Word version here: Spring 2021 Scholarship Application  Word Fillable

The George O. Adams and Kenneth E. Isaac Scholarship is named after garden industry leaders through the 1950’s and 1960’s. Together George and Kenneth started Buffalo Garden Supply in 1953 and operated very successfully until they sold it and retired in 1965. Kenneth Isaac was the first Man of the Year recipient of the Western New York State Nursery & Landscape Association.. George O. Adam’s family continues to support the scholarship fund each year in memory of George O. Adams and Kenneth E. Isaac.

The Fred Howarth Memorial Scholarship is named after Fred Howarth, a very active member of Western New York State Nursery & Landscape Association. Fred was a president of the Association (1968), recipient of the Man of the Year Award (1975) and one of the founders of the WNY Nurseryman’s Association Foundation. Fred was former owner and president of Menne Nursery

 The Mary Schichtel Memorial Scholarship is named after Mary Schichtel.  Mary Schichtel was the backbone of Schichtel's Nursery throughout her lifetime. The very busy mother of seven left a lasting impression on everyone she met and was able to establish and maintain countless relationships thanks to the nursery industry. The path Mary and her husband, George Schichtel, paved in the nursery industry has been carried on through many of their children and their grandchildren. The Schichtel families are honored to have Mary's legacy continue to carry on with this scholarship.

Objectives - Assist through scholarships, the education of persons permanently residing within the Western New York State Nursery & Landscape Association (Region 6) boundaries, who are likely to pursue careers in the Nursery/Landscape Industry.

Policies - The number and amount of scholarship awards will be determined annually by the Board of Directors from budgeted funds made available via income from investments. Scholarships shall be awarded to the most deserving students who best meet the eligibility criteria and who are enrolled in a horticultural related program at an accredited college.
No one Institution is guaranteed a scholarship. Applications for scholarship grants must be submitted to, and final selection will be made by the Western New York Nurserymen's Association Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors.

Eligibility Criteria - Though not requirements, the following guidelines will be considered for students seeking scholarship eligibility:

1. Enrollment in a horticultural related program at the accredited college
2. Academic excellence
3. Recommendation from a member firm
4. Having worked in a nursery/landscape related industry, preferably with our Region
5. Financial need
6. Professor recommendation
7. Extracurricular activities in school and community
8. Essay written on application as to importance of his/her scholarship toward attaining future goals
9. Show
a positive desire to work in Region 6

Scholarship Award - Awards shall be Non-discriminatory with respect to race, color, sex, religion, age, or national origin.

Funds shall be awarded only after the recipient has been verified to be enrolled at the accredited institution. The funds shall be dispersed directly to the institution's Bursar's Office for credit against the recipient's tuition. Eligible students may receive a maximum of two WNYSNLA Foundation Scholarships during their college career.

Procedures - In January of each year, the Trustees shall define the number and amount of scholarship grants to be offered.

Participating Institutions, membership and interested candidates will be provided by mid-January with information packets, application  and scholarship availability.

All applications shall be submitted to the committee (Foundation Trustees) by June 18 (for fall 2019 semester) or November 19  (for spring 2020 semester). The process of selection will be administered by the Foundation Trustees in compliance with previously set policies. If a member of the Foundation  is related to or noted on application as a provider, employer, instructor, reference, or for any reason may feel that they may not be able to render an unbiased decision, they will remove themselves from the selection process for that individual(s) or as long as necessary. Participating institutions and the membership shall be notified of available scholarship grants to be awarded in August.

Scholarship grants shall be credited against the recipient's tuition in accordance of the institution's Bursar's Office requirements but no later than the end of the calendar year.